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About Us

Goodbye Blue Screen, Hello Modern Technology! 


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About Us

In the Automotive Industry Since 2015

A combination of Automotive and Technology experts came together to create the premier service marketing and intelligent scheduling system in the industry. A proprietary combination of CRM software, customer portal, Advanced web scheduling, and text messaging is being used to create a level of service unmatched in the industry. The system also incorporates modern technology that helps businesses more effectively market their services to customers at the right place and at the right time!


Why choose us

We at BlinkAi work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining for the Automobile Industry. We provide AI and ML services and solutions for car manufacturers to improve marketing and sales. We help you connect with your customers at dozens of the most critical moments in the ownership life cycle. We provide solutions that will allow you to capture your customer profile, predict their needs and desires, and tailor your offers to them.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Retarget At Every Stage

Reduce Sales' Bottleneck

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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