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Advanced Web Scheduling

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Personalized Experience

Why Doesn’t Your Service Scheduler Remember the Customer? Amazon Has Been Doing It for 10 Years!

No More Old School Services!

Your Service Scheduler’s Outdated Technology is No Longer Compatible with Today’s Customer Expectations.

BlinkAi Recognizes the Customer for a Personalized and Frictionless Experience.

One click automated response



Retargeting- If customer does not schedule an appointment during the call, he receives a text message with a calendar of available


Appointment Preference 

Why is it Important? Customers Prefer to Have Appointments!
Happy Appointments Lead to higher $ ROs and Higher CSI, Service Retention and Sales Retention 75% of appointments occur through the website, so you need a frictionless experience.

service satisfaction leads to sales retention


Customer Retention

Make it Easy to Schedule Appointments or Lose the Customer!
No Appointment Needed for Oil Changes Does Not Cut It with Today’s Customer

National Average only 18% of customers have appointments, 82% are walk-ins. This leads to CHAOS in the mornings.

Frustrated Customers Have a Choice

statistics for Customers want appointments for in-person services


Immediate Impact

Higher $ Per RO-

 Appointments spread out the load leading to shorter wait times and more time for the advisors to work with the customers

Higher CSI-

shorter wait times lead to higher CSI

More ROs Per Day-

Appointments throughout the day, not just chaotic rush in the morning

Higher Employee Satisfaction-

relieves the service advisors from dealing with dissatisfied customers


What We Offer

Text Message Marketing

The ONLY Text Marketing Solution that Makes it EASY for Customers to Schedule Service

Intelligent Phone Scheduling

Dealership Phones Get Overloaded at Peak Times Leading to 83% Missed Calls

Advanced Web Scheduling

Why Doesn’t Your Service Scheduler Remember the Customer? Amazon Has Been Doing It for 10 Years!


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